PHP DNS Server & Benchmarking Vs PDNS-MySQL

PHP DNS Server & Benchmarking Vs PDNS-MySQL

Github link to experiment files.

I have been running a hobby DNS Hosting service for couple of years. DNS servers are powered by Power DNS (aka PDNS) with Mysql backend on commodity hardware. Recently I have been feeling the need for geo/failover/load-balancing DNS service. PDNS has support for geobackend but the installation is not as straight forward. And in addition I have been wanting to learn more about DNS (protocol) so I thought I should write my own DNS server.

PHP is the language I am most familiar with. However I wasn't sure if it is going to be just as fast as PDNS.

My goal is simple:

  • Write a non authoritative name server
  • Database driven (replication a is powerful tool)
  • Geo aware
  • Can failover
  • Load balance
  • Written in PHP
  • Modern UI to manage (no bootstrap-theme please)
  • Just as fast as PDNS (with mysql backend)
  • Run 4 name servers across globe on commodity hardware with no more than $10/month for all
  • I'll call this Babaji DNS

PHP React Library

I decided to write my DNS server using phpreact. It is a wonderful event driven library written by Igor Wiedler and Chris Boden. To quote Igor PHP React is a created "by stealing features from other languages (NodeJS)"

Lately I am somewhat obsessed with phpreact. I have written a websocket chat application using it and I think it is just an awesome library that opens the door for TCP/UDP communication. There was already a DNS toolkit in React. However it was missing parsing/binary dumper for various record types to which I have contributed. I have learned a great deal about how DNS works at the binary level during this process.

Wait, but PHP is not fast

Well I wanted to test it myself before investing more into Babaji DNS. So I ran this experiment and result are very promising. Here is the summary of 100k queries:

Server dnsperf Stats
PDNS+Mysql Run time (s): 140.788780
Queries per second: 709.417327
PHP React Echo Run time (s): 134.276466
Queries per second: 744.188486
PHP Raw (without React) Run time (s): 143.006352
Queries per second: 699.255653
PHP PDNS+Mysql Alike Run time (s): 147.829531
Queries per second: 676.448064



This is not a scientific test but based on simple stress testing a PHP + Mysql based DNS is just as fast as PDNS + Mysql. PHP PDNS+Mysql Alike did consume more CPU, but there is room for optimization in reactph-mysql library.

I have also created this video to show CPU & memory utilization during the test.

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